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BoomTown[edit | edit source]

OVERVIEW[edit | edit source]

BoomTown is the second Settlement formed in MetaWorld by @Shananigans (Discord). Boom Town is for those up and coming entrepreneurial types out to corner the markets in trade and tourism.

Settlement color is BLUE.

BoomTown Members[edit | edit source]

last update: 3/10/2018

Active Members

  1. Shananigans - founder
  2. BobThePotatoe
  3. Diabolic
  4. JayWalker
  5. Muttley
  6. HuckleB Silm
  7. 8B4LL
  8. imgoat69
  9. Trixar for Kids

Candidates Pending Approval

There are 6 remaining plots available in MetaVille (limit 15).

To join MetaVille please contact: Shananigans in Discord MetaWorld's Settlement channel.

RULES[edit | edit source]

Info coming soon - stay tuned. 

OTHER INFO[edit | edit source]

Info coming soon - stay tuned.