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METAWORLD EARLY ACCESS[edit | edit source]

MetaWorld early access refers to the pre-alpha, Alpha, and Beta releases of MetaWorld. These are the early design and definition phases of the game development. MetaWorld early adopters are referred to as Pioneers.

WHAT IS EARLY ACCESS[edit | edit source]

Early Access is participating in MetaWorld processes and technical details as they are being developed. It is community involvement to help evolve the world as it is being designed and developed which will continue after launch, to some extent, as well. As a Pioneer you give feedback which helps developers prioritize updates and add content. This process forms a strong bond with customers and makes for a more enjoyable virtual experience for them.


CURRENT STATUS: Pre-Alpha Design Discussions via Discord

Translation: There is no access available YET to login to MetaWorldVR.

Current target for login to MetaWorldVR is March / April 2018. See Alpha section for more details to set expectations about what you'll be able to do in World during Alpha phase.

Pre-Alpha[edit | edit source]

Everyone wants to know whey then can login to MetaWorld and play! Meanwhile they are missing out on the opportunities that already exist to help form the game by participating in discussions with the development team on Discord. MetaWorld is currently in the pre-Alpha stage of development. It is a rare opportunity to participate in the evolving definitions of what MetaWorld is going to be and should be embraced. Participants are truly Pioneers. It is important to maintain positive feedback during this phase and stay focused on defining and testing as needed.

Alpha[edit | edit source]

When MetaWorld is ready for login there will be a post in the Discord Early Access channel informing on availability and the status will be updated on this page also. As has already been widely publicized, once Alpha has been achieved, the goal for Pioneers will be to participate in world development more than actually "playing". Settlements will be formed with up to 15 members and there will be discussions and events held to test and define how the world will go through initial build out and what milestones need to be achieved for launch.

Beta[edit | edit source]

Beta will be the final test and setup of the World prior to ICO. Pre-ICO the goal is testing testing testing and making stuff work the way the community expects, as well as creating value while giving pioneers an opportunity to hold as much ownership in MetaWorld as possible before going to market. In Pre-ICO phase coins are offered at a lower price.

ICO[edit | edit source]

ICO = Initial Coin Offering. Learn more about ICO: What is an ICO

Target Date for MetaWorld to go ICO: 2Q2018 (June)

There is a white paper pending legal approval which will be made available to the community for further clarification on this topic.

HOW TO GET EARLY ACCESS[edit | edit source]

You become an investor by purchasing one of the Pioneer packages. See the Pioneer wiki page for more information about becoming a MetaWorld pioneer.

How to get access to Discord - Become a Pioneer.

EARLY ACCESS FAQ[edit | edit source]

These are some of the frequently asked questions. If you have questions please share them in the Early Access Discord channel and once answered, if appropriate, they'll be added to this list.

Is the game ready to play yet? See section above on Early Access Status.
Why Early Access? MetaWorld is a first of it's kind open world social vr experience, where players aren't restricted by boundaries. There is a lot to learn on the development side about how to make this experience great that only comes with involvement from the community. The feedback we get will help us make key decisions about what is working and what isn't.
Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access? 1 Month (April 2018)
How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version? When MetaWorld launches on Early Access, we plan to have the minimal features to give player a fun world to live in with others. Beyond that we plan to add features like user generated content, more world to explore and a player economy.
What is the current state of the Early Access version? Early Pioneers are contributing to the development of the world. Join us here. http://www.metaworldvr.com
Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access “MetaWorld is free to access. Members may purchase land and own a piece of the world. http://www.metaworldvr.com
How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process? MetaWorld is a community-powered project and is completely owned by its members. http://www.metaworldvr.com
How can I get a refund if I invested during the Early Access Phase? Here's how the refunds work: 1) email metabot@metaworldvr.com or DM Metabot on discord and request a refund. 2) Metabot will add request to a Refund queue. 3) Refund queues are completed every month. We're adding a support tab on the site this week.