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This page will describe land and property in MetaWorld.


MetaWorld is a 10,000 square mile, massively scaled open world in virtual reality. Discover endless activities and adventure, inside a persistent, open world simulation, allowing thousands of visitors to participate simultaneously online.

OVERVIEW[edit | edit source]

MetaWorld is a first of its kind simulated reality, entirely owned by its inhabitants. You can own land or you can simply spend your time visiting places and participating in activities. Pioneers invest in vast scale simulated land parcels and Land evaluations are based on MetaCoin.

This 10,000 square world is build on a tile loading system that allows MetaWorld to stream massive worlds running on SpacialOS.

BUYING LAND[edit | edit source]

Pre-ICO, to buy land, it is necessary to be a pioneer. There are three packages available for pioneers:

Package Price Contents
Pioneer $12.99 Early Access, Survival Kit, Log Cabin, and one-quarter Acre of Land.
Elite Pioneer $39.99 Early Access, Modern Villa, Custom Interior, Vehicle and one Acre of Land.
Vendor $69.99 Early Access, World Creator, World Builder, Vendor Tools, Event Tools, Venue Space, and two Acres of Land.

Players can become pioneers through the official site.