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MetaWorld is a virtual reality open world developed by MetaWorld Pioneers and published by HelloVR.


Experience 10,000 square miles of massively scaled open world together. Discover endless activities and adventure, inside a real-time physics simulation allowing thousands of visitors to participate simultaneously online.

Become a MetaWorld Pioneer! Be a part of a growing community building a first of its kind VR MMO Simulation.
A simulated world that continues to exist, even with no one around. Explore richly ambient, procedurally generated biomes, where everything you do is meaningful and has lasting consequences. Tap into a truly persistent open world, rich with life.
Vast scale simulated reality with friends. Or get lost alone in 10,000 square miles of atmospheric world, constantly evolving and reacting to everything you do. Simulations in MetaWorld, continue even after players have logged out, and any impact users have had on the world remains.
Enjoy simulation activities with friends from around the world. Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Snorkeling, Sailing, Sports, Training, RC, Drones, Go Karts and many more simulations added all the time.
MetaWorld's economy is based on cryptocurrency and powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Pioneers of MetaWorld create, experience and monetize simulation content and services using MetaCoin. As the primary transaction currency in MetaWorld, MetaCoin can be bought, sold, earned or exchanged on the cryptocurrency market.
Own a piece of the worlds first, open world, vast scale, social VR simulation.
Earn Bitcoin, MetaCoin and other cryptocurrencies by taking on simulation jobs in MetaWorld.
Neighbors are finally a thing in VR. Get your very own persistent living space in virtual reality. Join a settlement or form your own!
Create / Build
Create and Build MetaWorld in VR with Google Blocks!
Buy, Sell, Trade
MetaWorld features a powerful marketplace system for simulation products & services.
You can hold onto things of value found in the world. Items can be kept in your Home, Backpack or Satchel. Anything of value can be sold, traded or given to others.
Join the MetaWorld space program and colonize other worlds.
MetaWorld is community-powered. Our global members have genuine ownership and are active participants helping to define all aspects of the world.

~ from the Steam product page


  • 10,000 square mile open world
  • True persistence
  • Day and night cycles
  • Weather system
  • Real-time lighting and shadows
  • Likeness Identity System
  • Lifelike tree simulation
  • Wind simulation
  • Shared Real Time Physics
  • Tree simulation
  • Cognitive / wild life simulation
  • Behavioral Animation System
  • High Quality Positional VOIP
  • Emote System
  • Avatar Gesture System
  • Persistent Inventory