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METAWORLD SETTLEMENTS[edit | edit source]

OVERVIEW[edit | edit source]

The Settlements of MetaWorld for the life blood of the community. In the pre-ICO stages they are formed by the Pioneers. For early access every Pioneer, with some exceptions, are required to be a member of a Settlement. Pioneer Settlements must have at least four members who have been active for at least two weeks and cannot have more than 15 members. See the Formation Process below for more details.

Key contacts regarding settlement formation are: Metabot

SETTLEMENT LIST[edit | edit source]

There are currently four Settlements and they are:

  1. MetaVille
  2. BoomTown
  3. Bonna - pending authorization
  4.  ?

Visit each Settlement page to learn more about the members, theme, key contacts, rules, and other details.

It is the leadership of a Settlement that works with the MetaWorld team to follow the process for forming their settlement and managing members of that settlement. See your leader to join, make changes, etc. Leaders are identified on each individual Settlement page as key contact.


Here is the process that has been established for forming a new Settlement.

To request a settlement creation, you must have 3 dedicated community members. This means 3 Discord users who have been members for at least 2 weeks. You will also need a name for your settlement, and a preferred color for the Resident Role. Please ping @Metadroid within #settlements with your request. Requests via Direct Messaging are at risk of not being processed.

Here is an example: {@Metadroid I would like to create Settlement [insert name here] with @user1 and @user3. We want [insert color here].}

  • In order to create a settlement, you must currently not belong to one.

To join a Settlement, please ping @Metadroid with your request. Example: {@Metadroid I would like to join [insert settlement name].}

Metadroid, once they have processed your request, will start a vote and state the minimum amount of votes needed for the request to proceed. You may not vote for yourself, and only members of that settlement may vote. Voting is done by using the :thumbsup: reaction towards the vote announcement.

LAND USE[edit | edit source]

Land assigned to a Settlement is based on their Land Claim.

KEY CONTACTS[edit | edit source]

Existing Pioneers should contact Metadroid in Discord for more information on Settlements.