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This template creates a main page icon with a text link underneath. As the page width narrows, a group of these icons will rearrange themselves onto as many lines as necessary.


{{FMP icon|filename|page|width=overall width|size=icon size}}
{{FMP icon|filename|page{{!}}link text|width=overall width|size=icon size}}


  • The filename is the name of the image, not including the File: namespace prefix.
  • The page is the page to link to.
  • The link text is alternate text to show in the link, rather than just showing the page name.
  • The width is the overall width to be provided for both icon and text. It is a CSS value and can specified in many units, such as 64px, 10em, etc.
  • The size is the size of the icon. It is either a single number of pixels defining both height and width, as in 100, or the width and height separated by an "x", as in 100x50.