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THE METAWORLD VENDORS[edit | edit source]

OVERVIEW[edit | edit source]

MetaWorld Vendors reserve merchant status in the community and get to own a larger piece of the world. They receive early access to creation tools as well as commodification tools designed to help maximize profits as a MetaWorld vendor.

Vendors can be independent or can team up with builders and creators to make simulation products and sell them. Vendors can purchase some Marketplace items at significant marked down prices and sell them. They have venue controls. Any member can sell things but Vendors have access to tools, marketing and positioning. As pioneers they start with more land.

PIONEER PACKAGES[edit | edit source]

Land evaluations are based on MetaCoin. Pioneers invest in vast scale simulated land parcels, making MetaWorld a first of its kind simulated reality, entirely owned by its inhabitants.

To buy land it is necessary to be a pioneer. There are three packages available for pioneers:

Package Price Contents
Pioneer $12.99 Early Access, Survival Kit, Log Cabin, and one-quarter Acre of Land.
Elite Pioneer $39.99 Early Access, Modern Villa, Custom Interior, Vehicle and one Acre of Land.
Vendor $69.99 Early Access, World Creator, World Builder, Vendor Tools, Event Tools, Venue Space, and two Acres of Land.

Players can become pioneers through the official site.

LAND USE[edit | edit source]

As an pioneer (early adopter) vendor, once you purchase your land there will be no additional costs to running your business. These Vendor Pioneers will be exempt from taxes and fees as they are pre-ICO phase adopters.

TAXES[edit | edit source]

Information coming soon!